Group Therapy

We offer small group therapy for children and adolescent participants 4 to 18 years of age.

In group therapy sessions, we focus on practicing social emotional skills. Therapy is tailored and conducted by a psychotherapist and 2 to 4 therapy participants.

Our sessions provide natural and virtual opportunities for the child to build and practice skills with their compatible peers who have similar therapy goals.

Our therapy approach is skills-based, goal-oriented, and brief. The therapist helps participants build tools for flexibility, emotion regulation, perspective taking, distress tolerance, anxiety and anger management, relationship building, conflict resolution, assertiveness, and confidence.

Peers are carefully matched based on age, strengths, and therapy goals.

During each session, the therapist guides and models prosocial skills in a playful and naturalistic setting. We engage in a variety of developmentally-appropriate and fun interactive exercises.

To learn more about Group Therapy at Seesaw, please EMAIL us.

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